Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The White Dark Wedding

This goes out to all my pastors and clergy...
I humbly submit this to you, do you know the kind of pressure you put on young adults when you tell them to marry when they are not yet ready to? Simply because you have bench-marked your "success" against the number of people you wed off in your church, and then you will have something to talk about when you meet others like you.
This is not only ungodly but immoral to say the least. Rather than telling us on how to have solid relationships and building quality marriages, you narrow our focus to at most 8 hours of a particular day, which you will call "our wedding" but how can you call this 'my' wedding when i was dragged kicking and screaming to set up a wedding which is way too off my budget? Of which many spend the better part of their 1st years together paying off a loan that was used to finance an 8 hour occasion.
No one really prepares you for the future that has been set before you, all the church board can talk about is how the ideal wedding should be. I will let my digital ink dry for now. Though i hope to God that you prayerfully consider this opinion. God bless

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