Saturday, 20 October 2012


 Everyone has been given the intuitive knowledge and ample testimony from creation of the irrefutable fact of God’s existence .To believe that any beautifully engineered structure with all its intricate and mathematically precise interrelationships is better; than the empty rhetoric pedaled by evolutionists about the origin of the universe and its creatures happening over a long period of time by chance.
 While the evolutionists try so hard to explain the secondary causes, they assume the eternity of matter and deny the first cause which by the second law of thermodynamics is an inexcusable violation of a most fundamental law in nature .All the physical and biological members of the universe have since the fall of Satan been winding down according to this second law of thermodynamics.
 This observable process is quite in opposition to the unscientific supposition that the simple material and biological elements through a process of chance and time evolve progressively into more and more complex and perfect organisms. The Bible is in full accordance with the second law of thermodynamics .This fundamental downward process going on in all nature is diametrically opposed to the fancied upward progress which the evolutionists have sold the public as a substitute for the Creator.
The two authors of the Communist Manifesto of 1848, Karl Max and Friedrich Engels also tried to proscribe the truth. The Manifesto projected a new social order whose controlling assumptions are not found in religious or moral realities, but rather in emphases peculiar to the new social sciences. Its life – view implies a quite definite theory one which repudiates a supernatural moral order. They however go to say the people do not need divine power, but economic power and that religion consoles man in their afflictions rather than incite them to a revolution therefore it is an opiate requiring elimination.
Denial of the existence of the sun does not stop its light from shining. We are rational beings capable of accumulating knowledge, retain and using it purposefully, but rather our limitations even in any one field of specialization have become all too evident and apparent. Only in this generation are many a scientist beginning to realize how exceedingly complicated the intricacies in every realm of nature are. The more we learn the more we are just beginning to realize how little we really know.
Even to the uneducated mind it is and has always been apparent that there is an intelligent design in the universe.

J S. Mukoja

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